Saturday, March 29, 2014

H3 activity diagram

Working File for activity diagram
The Aloha Hash House Harriers is all based on volunteers and to two other very important components:  beer and running!!  But in order to keep the organization going, it's important to keep the aloha spirit.  AH3 does this by tracking who attends, it also tracks who laid a trail as lead hare and then tracks his or her's co-hares.  This count is very important and is currently done using the traditional paper and pencil which is then later added to a excel tracker.

Q: What you would consider the most important information that you are looking to track?
A: We try to keep all information safe from the public, personal information that we keep on each runner, emails, mortal names, hash names, telephone numbers, address.  But we get a lot of visitors and folks that rotate through, so keeping an accurate account of when they came and how many times would be at the top of the list.

Q: Is every required to giver personal identifiable information?
A: No, for those that are local, we usually have their info on file. For regular runs, we ask the visitor where they are visiting and name.  However, for big events, we will request a registration form in order to help with head count and make sure we have enough food and drinks for said event.

Q: Do you find the since these positions are only a yearly title, that there are a lot of data loss during the turnover?
A: That is a concern yes, we are seeking our non-profit status.  We had it before, but previous management decided the let it expire and didn't submit the required information because we didn't keep an accurate report of expenses and proper paperwork.
What we have now is a yearly audit but because the data can be changed it's hard to track numbers, awards, and other aspects at times because we have to go through all the paperwork and match up with excel spreadsheet that we are currently using.

Q: What do you hope to gain from this whole partnership, me and you?
A: An easy, to use (since some volunteers now and in the future may change) system that will alert us automatically when a runner hits a qualified number of runs to be names or awarded a prize, as well as for those that lay the trail.  For example, we have a runner who is hitting his 2500 run, he has tracked it very well and one of the founders of this hash but our records are decades old and for a minute we couldn't locate his past runs. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

H3 and It's Technology Needs : What, who, where, how, why and WHAT

Post Updates with Aloha Hash House Harriers

Learning more about AH3, I've discovered that it's all done on a voluntary basis.  Most positions are only held for one year terms and subject to elections.  This is to ensure that those in management are there willingly to donate their time.

Evan:  Because positions tend to change user systems requirements need to be:

  1. user friendly, in terms of inputting data and easy access to stored information.  
  2. secure
  3. relatively inexpensive (overhead is usually used every two years to host a big gathering)
  4. generate forms for registration for events
  5. accurate
Currently there isn't any Personal Identifiable Information that is kept. Each runner's information is limited to 

Given Name
Running Name and 
number of runs

In addition to the information listed above, the following would like to be kept
  • number of runs a runner has participated in
  • number of trails laid by said runner as leader as well as co-leader (two separate items)
  • dollar amount runner has donated (each event has a "donation" amount) these pay for pupu's and beverages at the end of the trail
  • Awards for special occasions i.e. 6th, 15th, 25th, 50th, 100th runs are recognized.  

Systems currently using:

808 hotline to get out information on events, running, pau hana socials, gatherings, etc.
website with links on where the runs are located and who will be providing the days trail
facebook with the same information but linked securely to runner's profiles

General Background. 
Follow on meeting to discuss more technical needs and wants.