Sunday, September 29, 2013

As good as the real deal: VM Platforms

Having my first introduction to a virtual machine, I had to further investigate to see what the lure is all about.  Is it the bright lights or the fancy gadgets, I mean really what is the benefits of a dual operation system.  I have trouble with just one.

Virtual machines (VM) are categorized into two processes.  System Virtual machine and Process Virtual machine.  You may be wondering, what's the difference?

Well, system virtual machine is a complete platform that can coexist with multiple system virtual machines on the same hardware. It emulates an existing architecture that is more dynamic and more complex that provides a platform that can run programs where the actually hardware may be unavailable or extinct.

Process virtual machines are a bit less complicated.  Using this type of process is only for a single, specific process ran within a host operating system.  It's not a true virtual machine, since unlike a system virtual machine it's not confined to the system model.  Rather it has access to all the OS services.

This Virtual Machine Download Instruction Video shows how to install it on your computer.  I myself have it installed on my computer.  I'm still learning how to use and found this tutorial to help.

Another link here at  Virtual Tools has tips and pointers on installation, starting and stopping you virtual machine.  Take a look and I'll keep a look out for additional information.

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