Friday, October 4, 2013

One of my FAVORITE things to do

They are called the Hash House Harriers.  The name might raise an eyebrow or two but it's one of my favorite running clubs.  I've seen more of the hidden secrets that Oahu has to offer because of the wonderful folks who lay the trail for the rest to follow.  It's like hide-n-seek, but for grown ups.  It rekindles the youthful spirit and creates a great atmosphere and simply an amazing social circle.

More insight can be found here Hashing, where and what it's all about.  It actually has a mismanagement and like the name that's how they run things, until every they hold elections for positions that ensure that there is food and beverage and trails to be ran.

These are year long positions that take tremendous time and effort.  All done by volunteers and the most amazing thing is it's just not here in Hawaii but it's an international organization.  We even bid, like the Olympics, to host the most epic trail and invite runners from all over to attend.

The project that comes to mind is to help streamline the positions and accountability.  There is also a log book that holds all the runners who has ever attended and how many runs they ran, it give awards for 5 runs, 15, 25, 50 and then every 100 runs after that.  Gifts are bestowed for milestones and those that will be traveling onto there next chapter away from their home hash.   They also track how many times a person has offered up their time to lay a running trail for the masses to enjoy. All of this is done the old fashion way and recently they just held elections and like any organization is conducting an audit to see where they are slacking in awarding running and haring accomplishments.  The local hash information can be found at  Aloha Hash House Harriers.

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