Saturday, May 17, 2014

Low Fidelity Interface Mockups

Having met with the mismanagement of Aloha Hash House Harriers I presented the following mockup about how the application should or would work in order to bring the volunteers and runner's together as well as get the most updated information out there.

The idea is to allow runners to volunteer their time for certain dates as well as get the extra help for the different runs.  All runs happen on Saturday and usually start around 3 pm.  On occasion there have been early and super early starts depending on the Hare and Trail type.

After having shown my LoFI to the general manager and Hash Cash they had some valuable input.  For the most part the liked what and how the system would work.  Since their have been some issues in the past with limelight and the hasher they asked not to be shown on the video.  Recently there was an article that talked about hashers running on private property and backyards, some property lines are not marked and there was an issue.  Most hasher were polite while there were a few that had strong opinions. 

Moving on, the next picture simply shows the suggestions and how they would interact and update various links and information.

And I put the pictures side by side so you can see the suggestions.  Some other ones are explained in the video 
Thanks for watching!!

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