Saturday, May 17, 2014

Presentation Practice

Working with non profits there are many challenges that can pop up but for me the biggest challenge has been defining what the organization needs are and what capabilities they are working with. I picked Aloha Hash House Harriers because it is truly non-profit and I feel they exemplify the meaning of aloha by showing anyone and everyone who wants to participate the beautiful wonders of Hawaii.  A true Ohana experience.

Before presenting my final presentation here is a review of what I have and what in the future would help AH3 in continuing is mission in offering "adult[s] who enjoys drinking beer, running and/or walking with a group, and participating in fun and ribaldry, then you are in the right place!"

Click HERE to see the power point presentation and offer any suggestions.

Presentation Details:
History of Hashing
What Issues they are facing (problems with current system)
Identify Solutions
Describe organization needs
Client Feedback
Current Systems
Future Features desired

Before I submit my final project I will most likely be adjusting the slides and flow of information to make more sense.  Thank you.

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