Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Some identifiable stakeholders for the Aloha H3 would be the following:

Elected Personnel - Volunteers/Coordinators (Internal/Operational/Executive) Members in this group would be able to update runners information as to how many run, trails, attendance, donations made, hello and good-bye gifts.  They are the only ones that are allowed to input runs/hares, they also use this information to track who will be laying the trails and what information to put on the hareline and website.  Out of them, only three have access to accounts that manage gifts and refreshments.  There is the haberdasher who sells the t-shirts and other goodies that are kept by the other members of the round table.  The group has bragging rights as to how many trails laid and ran.  It's a long standing tradition to recognize the valuable time donated to finding trails and give proper thanks.

Runners (Operational) Members of this group volunteer their time in finding and laying trails for the other runner's.  It's a weekly event and every week there is a different person or group that lays the trails.

Runners (External) Runner's who attend but don't keep any of the data. They are they just to partake in the festivities, run a trail and enjoy a nice social gathering afterwards.

Some additional information to be added and tracked is the location and times of the next trail.  It could give the lead trail member's name, contact information, and any items that they may need while on trail, i.e. whistle, long socks, gloves, etc.

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