Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meeting Notes and Activity Diagram
Talking with Katherine Burke, who is the Volunteer Coordinator Kōkua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services.
KKV has several programs that are used to instill confidence within members who are using their services.  It’s a long process in trying to pass along valuable skills and resources.  Members who are enrolled in these programs have to volunteer a certain number of hours in order to receive help from KKV and receive their monetary assistance.
Interview/Discussion Sewing Program
Currently, there are no forms or any type of database to document what community members have created.  There is no system of any type that inventories what products have been made.  The only tracking measure they have is a log book for community member to sign in and out. 
Can you tell me a little bit more about this program and where you see it going in the future?
            This program receives grant money to buy its materials.  Classes are held during the week so community members can partake in learning skills.  The products they make are bags, shirts, smocks, dresses, blankets, and other small novelty items.
            The first product that a member makes, they get to keep. The rest go in the KKV store and they try to sell some of these items.  However, most times they are given away.  Sold items have not been tracked nor do they have an updated inventory of the current stock.
            Most benefits are focused on the human aspect of what the member has gained and learned.  However, the want to start tracking the skillset level of participants as well as possibly show them how their products are doing on the market.
What kind of IT solutions do you see that would most benefit your staff and customers?
She would like to see a program/database, the is
1.     User friendly (volunteers have limited English speaking capabilities)
2.     Be able to pull report of what raw materials are available and value
3.     Be able to see how much profit they have made from sales
4.     Be able to logged hours of community members utilizing the program
5.     See improvement with skills of community member
Who will be utilizing the program/data? 
            This will be handled by volunteers, there are several that will be trained on how to put in data and pull/retrieve reports.
Below is the activities diagram that will take place in order to track hours by community member, products made, inventory of materials, all compiled in order to send to grant writer.

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