Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kokua Kalihi Valley Stakeholders

Kokua Kalihi Valley reaches out to the community and gives a variety of help and support in trying to enrich the lives of its community members.

Some of the stakeholders that can be identified seen in the diagram below.

For Internal and Operational Stakeholders:  The employees that help run the programs and daily administrative duties and the volunteers are those that are directly within the organization.  They have a significant interest in helping their customers which means that their operation is important and succeeding. 

Internal and Executive Stakeholders:  Can be seen as Project managers and Volunteer Coordinator who run the programs that help the community and their needs.

External and Operational Stakeholders are the community members who are their customers that are utilizing the programs being offered.

Other Stakeholders have been identified as the general public.  Customers are learning valuable skills that are then transformed as input back into society and therefore helping the public in whole.

Design came from Systems Analysis and Design (Stazinger, Jackson, Burd. 2012, pg 47), stakeholders were derived from KKV website.

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