Sunday, October 6, 2013

Caring is Sharing

Here in Hawaii, a little aloha goes a long way.  At Kokua Kalihi Valley they are constantly giving back to the community and have open doors for those that want to contribute to making communities feel like a family.


Recently, they started a project using sewing to help encourage individuals to tap into a self creativity and find the self confidence they need in order to find jobs.  Always promoting good health and togetherness. 

So for the project they are looking for a way to inventory what material they have on hand and track what they are spending to keep this project going. They sell the products in their store and they don't have any accountable transactions to the profitability of the program.  The are some other factors that they would have to show, they don't keep any type of data profile of individuals but need to since, payments are based on how many hours they are there crafting their skills.  

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